"Clara is an amazing photographer and true artist. I am blown away by the way she captured our family and in particular my 6 month old daughter. Through her photography, my daughter's innocence, curiosity, and purity, really shine. Clara captured very intimate moments that I will now be able to treasure forever. Clara was extremely patient and kind. It was wonderful to work with her and I look forward to more future photo sessions!"

- Maria Ferrari

"When I have a rough day, I look at Clara's photos and am immediately reminded that life is actually quite good. Clara captures these amazing looks and moments, making everyone look better than we even see ourselves. I'm simply made happy by looking at Clara's pictures." 

- Don Chennavasin

"When we saw Clara's photography, we were so impressed with how she truly captured the essence of each person she photographed. Her photos are stunning works of art. Clara's photos of our children are the ones we look at again and again... Working with Clara is a pleasure too. She is very responsive and takes time to listen to what you want. I am planning our next photo session already and can't recommend her highly enough!" 

- Flora Wilson

"Working with Clara was a real pleasure.  She has a very talented, artistic eye and was able to capture me and my young son in the most natural and intimate way.  She’s great at working with young kids:  very patient, playful, and able to capture the true essence of my 4 year old son – his personality, his free spirit, his delight and joy – in fact, he had so much fun at the photo shoot that he wanted to spend more time with “Auntie Clara” again!  Clara is also uniquely good at capturing moms in the most flattering angles.  I don’t always like photos of myself, but Clara made me look beautiful in every single shot.  Every time I look at our photos, they make me smile.  I’d recommend Clara to anyone and everyone!”

- Minh-Ha Nguyen

"Clara’s pictures are so special for our family.  She had a way of capturing moments like a dream sequence, which is exactly how I remember the first year of our little miracle baby. There was no picture where we looked even a little bit awkward or uncomfortable because she was so great at capturing those natural yet precious moments. I would look at them whenever I’m missing our little one and, as time goes on, often to reflect on how fast he is growing. "

- Jean Park

"Using her quiet charm, Clara captured the diverse personalities of all eight members of my family.  The group photos were fantastic, but where she really shines is in the moments you forgot she is filming.  Proud smiles from a grandma, goofiness of siblings, the love between couples and wonder in the eyes of children.  I am so thankful she captured all of these moments and know that her photos will be proudly displayed in each of our homes." 

- Sara Smith

"Clara has an eye for those elusive moments -- a laugh, a change in posture, a fleeting glance -- that make her photos a true reflection of her subjects. We truly enjoyed our session with Clara. She had us laughing, talking, just being ourselves. And the resulting images are the best photos we've ever had of ourselves and the two of us together. As we look ahead to capturing and documenting our lives as a couple and family, we can't wait to work with Clara again!"

- Jennifer Chung

"We gave Clara the task of taking some photos of us as a family in a natural outdoor setting intended for a holiday card - straightforward enough until you add a three month old baby boy and a very energetic two year old girl into the picture. Clara met us at a beautiful farm and woodland setting just outside Los Altos and her personality and warmth immediately won over our daughter. She was kind and patient, giving broad direction to us (without posing) and allowing Aria's exuberant and curious nature to shine through while patiently working with Harris while his eyes were briefly open! The shoot was relaxed and captured us together as a family and also a variety of solo and duo shots. The output was sensational - a large set of photos which reflected the brief perfectly and were turned around in very quick time. We would recommend Clara without hesitation and expect to use her again in the future as our family grows. Her work is of excellent quality and value, and her personality helps put everyone at their ease. We will happily share photos as samples of her work if further convincing is required!"

- Leslie Fabello  

"What a wonderful problem to have: we went from no family photos to having too many to choose from! Clara's attention to detail, her creativity and her willingness to connect with what she is presented with started in the planning (factoring in the tide as well as the sunset and specific spots on the shoreline) and was there throughout the session and photos...she didn't just make the kids laugh, but really noticed what was interesting or funny for them, and the results are amazing - her photos capture the expressions and types of actions that we think of as being “uniquely them” and all this whilst also featuring the beautiful natural light and landscape."  

- Kate Mitchell

"We have literally too many things to say about this photo session experience with Clara. All put together in one word is Awesome! First, she was very professional to come on site early to make sure the right spot for good lighting, etc. Few days before the session, she would advise on wardrobe colors and prints to give the best outcome on the pictures. The result of the pictures is the best live painting of our family’s joy and happiness. No one could capture it better than Clara. Clara did not only look for the right angle, the right moment but the best expression of each shot. The quality of the print is amazing! We are addicted to her photography now that we want to have her in every occasion. Thanks so much Clara!"

- Shieny Oenadi

"We chose to work with Clara to capture a family reunion.  We were a large group, made up of grandparents, parents, grandkids, and babies…and Clara was able to capture every special moment in her photographs.  She also did an awesome job with toddlers who needed a little time to feel comfortable and be themselves.  My daughter, in particular, felt very comfortable with Clara and decided to show off some of her best gymnastics skills!  I am so glad Clara got to capture these special moments of Audrey doing her back hand springs and somersaults - Clara really encapsulated the true 'essence' of who she is at this age.  I appreciate Clara's artistic eye and her ability to connect with people of all ages.  I would definitely recommend her to others!"

- Helen Carris

"Clara's photo shoot was one of my 40th birthday celebration surprises!  To be able to celebrate my milestone with my best friends in the city was entirely memorable but to have Clara capture the event took the celebration over the edge.  She was beyond wonderful and extremely talented!  What I love about Clara was that she was able to capture the essence of who we are as friends.  She was able to show us through her photographs that our friendship was bonded with love, joy, and peace.  She made all of us feel so comfortable and we enjoyed every moment with her.  The photos speaks for themselves.  Thank you Clara!!"

- Jennifer  Moon

"Before working with Clara, photo shoots always felt awkward, intrusive, and embarrassing to me. Clara has this unique, ethereal quality that makes her blend into the background, leaving you to enjoy your surroundings feeling uninhibited and comforted. The resulting images are of your best, natural self, caught in the moment, preserved forever…"

- Young  Chung

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